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Help make children’s medical research possible

We urgently need to raise £140,000 to fund a vital piece of research that could slow or reverse the effects of a rare and devastating genetic disease called BPAN.

This disease strikes young children, causing them to develop slowly and to miss key developmental milestones. It leads to seizures, muscle problems, symptoms of Parkinson’s, dementia and eventually early death.

Action Medical Research wants to work towards a cure. We have promised to fund a potentially ground-breaking research study – but we need your help.

The findings could go on to benefit millions of people.

Lily laughing

Our girl Lily

Medical research is absolutely vital - you have to start somewhere.We know we won't get a cure for Lily but as parents we need to be bigger than that, and look to the long term

Lily is taking part in Dr Papandreou's study, and Simon and Samantha are keen advocates for the importance of research.

More about Action Medical Research

At Action we’ve been helping to save and change lives through medical research for over 65 years. We believe that the diseases that devastate the lives of so many of our children can be beaten.