You are here: Premature birth: Lucas and Oscar's story

"We were unprepared."

Meg was rushed to hospital and thankfully two heart beats could be detected but the next few days were frightening and all a bit of a blur. Doctors spent two and a half days trying to stop Meg's labour, before making the call to deliver the babies by caesarean section.

"I was on so much medication, I didn’t really feel anything. I knew we were unprepared. We didn’t even have cribs! I was excited – but scared," recalls Meg.

"We saw some tragic losses."

When Lucas and Oscar were born they were so fragile, so small that they were whisked away to neonatal intensive care. Both boys needed help with their breathing and Meg and Patrick were told they could face all sorts of problems including brain damage.

"It was such a worrying time and we quickly realised we weren’t alone. We were surrounded by mothers and their tiny babies fighting to survive. We saw some tragic losses. It was heartbreaking."

Home for Christmas

Thankfully, the boys thrived and after four and half weeks in intensive care they could finally go home in time for Christmas. "We knew we had been incredibly lucky", says Meg.

The boys are now four years old and are the best of friends. "Oscar is laid back and loves numbers and trying to read. Whilst Lucas is theatrical and eloquent – I think he has a bigger vocabulary than me!" explains Meg. 

Research is invaluable

"It is a true blessing that our children are happy and healthy despite their dramatic start in life," explains Meg.

"That’s why we’re supporting Action. Their work to help stop premature birth is so important. You don’t realise until you’ve gone through it yourself how quickly it can all go wrong, and how lucky you are when it goes right."

Please support Action with a gift this Christmas and help STOP premature birth.