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Our pledge to save lives

In 2017 we announced our commitment to fund vital research over the next three years to tackle premature birth and pregnancy complications.

We're pleased to say that in November 2017 our Scientific Advisory Panel approved funding for two important projects as part of our investment in this area. We are now looking for support to raise £12,000 from this appeal to help fund one of those chosen projects.

Donald M Peebles, Professor of Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Innovative new treatment

The reasons for preterm birth are not fully understood, but evidence suggests that infection is an important risk factor.

At University College London, Professor Peebles and his team are developing an innovative new gene therapy to help prevent infection-related premature birth. The researchers are also investigating if this new treatment can prevent damage to the developing baby’s brain. Ultimately, this research could lead to the development of a much needed new treatment to prevent preterm birth.

My little fighter

Research into prematurity is invaluable. It is such a worry, such a big unknown, so the more knowledge we have the better. The more you know, the safer you feel.

Inge shares the heartbreaking story of how her daughter, Emma, fought to survive after being born 12 weeks early.

A history of success

Action Medical Research has a proud history of funding groundbreaking research that has benefited thousands of babies and their families.

Be part of research that could save more little lives